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Reverend Susanna,

Well the excitement and anticipation that I have had for the past two months has ended and has been replaced with the memory of a vow renewal so wonderful that I could have never imagined during the time leading up to it. In my life it has been the rare occasion that I have met a person to leave such an memorable impression on not only me but D. as well, but you certainly have done that. It became evident through our vow renewal that you have a gift and how lucky we were to have that gift shared with us. The vow renewal ceremony you created and officiated for D. and I is the greatest thing we have ever shared/experienced with each other and, of course, the shelter at the base of bow bridge you chose for us, the perfect weather, those that clapped for us at the end of our ceremony and the pair of geese and the pair of ducks that swam up to us at the end of the ceremony just added that much more to the entire event. Truly unbelievable. Thank you again for giving D. and I this experience. If you are ever passing through Hershey, Pa. please call us, our home is always open to you and your family.

Take Care,
S. C.
Hershey, PA

Dearest Susanna,
Thank you again for everything that you have done for us, it truly was magical in every sense, we all just had the best time ever in all our lives.

We had made a DVD of the ceremony and sent it to extended family in the UK and there were tears as they watched it.

Let us know if you ever come to England.

Love and Best Wishes L, J., J. and A. R.


Rev. Susanna,

I would like to thank you again for a beautiful service, I couldn’t asked for anything more. Sorry for all the tears, we are just so thankful to be where we are in our life.
It all felt very blessed---in great part because of you.
If you ever get down this way please gives us a call.

Thanks Again,
Salisbury, MD


Dear Rev. Macomb,
We must tell you that our vow renewal was so much more special and meaningful than our first marriage ceremony! It was beyond our expectations.
We thank you for that.
We will never forget it—or you.
Warm regards,
T. and G. K.
Toronto, Canada


Oh, Reverend, you hit the mark!
Such beautiful words and sentiments.
We will be calling you for our 30th!
Thank you again,
C. and M. G.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Reverend Macomb,
Thank you so much for our beautiful renewal of vows service.
It was unlike anything we have ever seen, and better than imagined.
It seemed to us that you are a purveyor of love.
Best wishes to you,
K. T.
Sarasota, FL


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