Best Wedding officiants in New York City

By Alex Schechter

Reverend Susanna Stefanachi Macomb
This former executive ditched her nine-to-five 13 years ago to embrace the interfaith community, for which she has performed nearly 2,000 weddings; she’s even written a book about it (Joining Hands and Hearts). Macomb is all about overcoming obstacles. Don’t want a reading from some archaic scripture? She’ll read something else. Marriage between a Wiccan and a Jew? She’ll make it work. Recently, Macomb traveled to Santorini, Greece, to perform a Jain–Greek Orthodox wedding, which she says may be the most spectacular one she’s done yet. She describes how the couple wanted the ceremony “on the caldera—high on a cliff in a place which they say was raised from the Aegean by the hands of God.” While we can’t promise she’ll whisk you away to Mount Olympus, we can absolutely vouch for her passions: “Interfaith is not a religion—it recognizes that we are all lamps, different on the outside, but burning with the same light on the inside.”